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        Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Weilide Optoelectornics Technology Co., Ltd.

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        Products have obtained international certifications such as TüV and UL.


        Wuxi Weilide Optoelectornics Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, is located in Wuxi, a metropolis with highly developed economy, information, finance and science and technology. It is a professional supplier of solar photovoltaic connection schemes. It is a large enterprise with photovoltaic cable research and development, manufacturing and sales as its cause. With our technical strength and innovation, as well as the endless pursuit of product quality and customer service, we have won many honors, and the company has also won many titles.

        Since its inception, Willide's products and quality have been in a position in the industry. The company has advanced domestic production, testing, measurement and testing equipment. The products have been certified by TV, UL and other international certificates. The products are widely used in the field of new energy, and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other economic developed countries and regions.

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        It has excellent cable production equipment and a large production base.


        The purpose of building a new brand of optoelectronic technology and new energyMore +

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